Badly Chosen Lover by Rosemary Tonks


Badly Chosen Lover

Criminal, you took a great piece of my life,

And you took it under false pretences,

That piece of time

– In the clear muscles of my brain

I have the lens and jug of it!

Books, thoughts, meals, days, and houses,

Half Europe, spent like a coarse banknote,

You took it – leaving mud and cabbage stumps.


And, Criminal, I damn you for it (very softly).

My spirit broke her fast on you. And, Turk,

You fed her with the breath of your neck

– In my brain’s clear retina

I have the stolen love- behaviour.

Your heart, greedy and tepid, brothel-meat,

Gulped it like a flunkey with erotica.

And very softly, Criminal, I damn you for it.


Rosemary Tonks



2 thoughts on “Badly Chosen Lover by Rosemary Tonks

  1. Two years after a most brutal break-up, I accidentally came across this gem which balances the love/hate elements so perfectly, in that last line.

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