Why would anyone in their right minds write a memoir?

IMG_20170926_182336 (3)It’s quite terrifying, I’ve discovered, writing a memoir, especially as I’m attempting to write it in the form of prose poetry. A concern is crossing a line in terms of family loyalty. How to accommodate their right to privacy while telling my own story? One way, of course, is to change almost all the names. I’m also keeping the dateline vague. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Why would anyone in their right minds write a memoir?

  1. Hi Afric,
    I reckon you should go for it……. all the way.
    Our colonial upbringing gave us the experience that set us on a path of embracing cultures, genders and interracial harmony through the arts. The harsh contrast gave us the option of embracing the world through pen, brush or chord. You should put your story out there. Human spiritual evolution is fueled by the arts and you are one “bad-ass” artist!!

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