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Hi. My name is Afric McGlinchey and I write, read and review poetry. I started writing this blog with the intention of sharing some poems I come across, which appeal to me because of their content, imagery, symbolism, unusual language/approach/ emotive or cerebral qualities. Particularly poems that strike me because of their integrity and/or intimacy. But now I feel the urge to write about poetry too ā€“ what poetry I’m reading, or what I’m doing in my poetry life. Or anything that I think might be helpful to other poets and poetry lovers out there. So, expect more poetry stuff here! Thanks for reading. And any feedback would be great!


9 thoughts on “Poetry stuff

    • Thanks Colm ā€“ promise to keep any comments to a minimum! And I’ll include more contemporary poems too. Keep visiting, and let me know which ones grab you. Also, if you have any suggestions, I’ll look them up.

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  2. Hi.
    Just got here to read Black Ice and Rain. I must confess I didn’t know Michael Donaghy until now; what a masterful controlled devastating piece of writing. I’m about to explore your blog further – I’ve got a good feeling about this!
    I love your generosity in sharing your love of good poetry. I’ll be back once I’ve had a bit of a read

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